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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lingerie Footbal League - Fantasy football

Have you wondered about making the best LFL team? Well don't worry they got it! The league now allows you to have your own fantasy football team, but now with twist... Hot players! Pick up your favorite players on any team. Grab your friends and get involved its fun, free, and there are hot ladies everyone wins!

Every Friday there will be a game, The LFL Fantasy football league is a Game that is built around the LFLfans will love. They have developed this custom game for LFL fans from around the world as they watch weekly worldwide broadcasts of 'LFL, Friday Night Football'. LFL Fantasy Football will provide fans (me being one them) with a awesome and fun way to keep up with the games as well as follow your favorite players. The best part about this is that you can win prizes for winning! The game is FREE for fans to play.

What ad your thoughts on this? Have you used you joined the LFLFANS that have used this yet? I want your feedback... Post below.

I'm interested in knowing who has received prizes and what they were... Remember we want the LFL (Lingerie Football League) to keep going so show your support.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Women in sports

  This week I want to focus on the topic of women in sports, and somewhat of a brief history. It seems to me that we have truly come just so far that we do now have a woman's football league.

  Women have been involved in sports in some way since just about as far back as we can go. Back in 776 B.C. The first Olympic games were held in ancient Greece, and well women were excluded, but instead of giving up they created there own games "The Games of Hera". Since that very point in time women began weaving there way in and out of the sports arena. Did you know that in 1722 a British women fighter by the name of Elizabeth Wilkinson entered the boxing ring, Amazing! In 1869 Frenchwomen start entering into cycling contests. In 1886 the first known women s lacrosse games is played. But it was not until the decade from 1890-1900 that athletic activity for women began to become popular as women bought and rode bicycles can you imagine that, you could make a case that the invention for the bicycle actually spurred the movement of women s sports. As you can see its been quite the tumultuous past for women in sports , the road has not been easy Ladies like Billie Jean King and Althea Gibson paved the way for other ladies down the line. Now we have come just so far as to have the LFL. I think that in a way it almost takes things to a whole new level. I never thought I would see the day that women would truly be playing football in an aggressive and organized league. Its an amazing inspiration to see how far they have come .
  I think that there is a lot to be said for the women in sports that are playing hard and proving to everyone that they too can play the sport. They aren't looking for a hand up and the good ol' pat on the back. They just play for the love of the game and the look on your face when they blow past you. Thank you ladies.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wearing Too Much? Really?

The latest news in the LFL was very shocking to me! Lingerie Football League Executives, just recently put two of the best players in the entire league on probation and for what? Drum roll please......for wearing too much clothing!

During a recent photo shoot, the players took part in a photo shoot for New Times, but according to league executives it was a bust!

Miami Caliente's quarterback Anoka Dixon and receiver Tina Caccavale, they were photographed in their uniforms, but they were wearing shoulder pads. and as a result of wearing the pads, they were both place on probation.

During the games, the players must wear their equipment; shoulder pads, helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. So what did they really violate? According to the LFL, when u partake in a photo shoot whether individual or a team photo, the girls are usually covered in baby oil and pose practically in their bra and underwear.

Did they really do anything wrong? Personally I think it was refreshing in a way to see them as tough girls that love to play the sport, a real athletic woman, rather than a model and trying extra hard to be sexier.

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Two Cents

This week I want to add in "my two cents" on what Brian was saying about the press release from Mitchell Mortanza ( LFL chairman / Commissioner ) . As I read through the statement I was feeling great excitement with a little fear mixed in.
  I want to begin by saying that I think the LFL has done quite an amazing job. They beat their attendance projections in the 2009 season by 30% and were able to bring in enough revenue to continue on into what will soon be the 2010 season. The thing that excites me the most about this article is where it would appear he league is headed.

( From an Press Release at http://www.lflus.com/news/stateoftheleagueaddress.html)

  I have to ask myself when I read this though, how much of this will really pan out? My response would have to be that the league has already beaten any expectation that were placed upon it by me, and what is to stop the league from really taking off? The league truly has set up on something of great appeal to men, beautifully sexy women who can play ball and fight for it. I would have to say that my fear is the same as brian stated in his article though. If the league begins to stretch to thin and focus to broadly I fear they will not achieve the goal they hope to. I believe the best strategy will be for them to produce another season very well again, and work on TV spots and the reality show. I think this would bring the most awareness to the US consumer and ultimately the cash influx the league needs to grow. We will have only to wait and see, as time will tell. Keep your fingers crossed and lets hope for the best. Till next time everyone.